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Urdu Empire is a site dedicated to promoting and exploring the rich heritage of the Urdu language and culture.

We are committed to sharing the timeless beauty and charm of Urdu poetry, Urdu quotes, Urdu name meanings, and Urdu lyrics.

What We Share:

  • Urdu poetry and quotes: Discover a vast collection of Urdu poetry and quotes on different topics and from renowned poets and writers. We present them in both Urdu text and Roman Urdu to ensure that they’re accessible to both Urdu and Hindi speakers.
  • Brief analysis: We also provide brief insights and interpretations of the poetry and quotes we share to enhance your understanding. Our insightful analysis will surely increase your appreciation of Urdu poetry and quotes.
  • Name meanings: We cover the meanings and origins of traditional and modern names in Urdu and English. Plus, we offer a glimpse into the cultural significance and symbolism associated with each name.
  • Naat and nohay lyrics: Read soul-stirring, profound naat and nohay lyrics in Urdu for an even deeper spiritual connection.

Our Mission:

  • Preserving the legacy of the Urdu language: We are committed to preserving and celebrating the beautify of the Urdu language. We aim to achieve this by sharing the most inspiring Urdu poetry, quotes, name meanings in Urdu, and lyrics in the best way possible to the readers.
  • Building a bridge between cultures: By making Urdu poetry, quotes, and other content accessible in both Urdu text and Roman Urdu, we hope to share the beauty of Urdu literature with not only Urdu speakers but also Hindi speakers and beyond.

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